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Excellent Features

Promote your online store thanks to Whatsapp Sharing

Wozzap is a solution able to enhance the reach of a service, using Whatsapp.
Thanks to our system, online customers can become a powerful, social marketing tool.

Wozzap is able to recall customers that have purchased inside an online store or those who have left a review, offering a special advantage. Wozzap can extend the offered advantage to customer's friends, via Whatsapp with a simple click.
Wozzap can monitor the volume of interactions, new leads created and conversions rate.

Instant Sharing

Gain exposure through WhatsApp, sharing advantages with friends

High Conversion

Wozzap users have multiplied their sales by 10 times

Increased Traffic

Get new Leads thanks to the most used Social platform

Easy Install

Pleasant and customized design for your website

Reporting Dashboard

Exclusive Insight showing the interactions of your contents

Total Support

Email support with response within 24h

Main application Fields


Product Page

Product Page

Let's share your products

By clicking on the "Ask your Friends" button, users will be able to share products with their friends directly via Whatsapp.

Viralize products and increase Store Awareness

The products of greatest interest will be displayed by the friends contacted. This will create involvement and increase the reputation of the store.

Push up conversions

The suggestions of friends will become a valuable incentive to convince users to purchase. Sales and conversions will increase.


Advantage generator for customers...

Reward customers for their purchases. Offer them an advantage or discount and let it share with their friends.

...and for its friends

Customer's friends will be able to redeem the advantage. This will increase store reputation, and brand awareness and new selling opportunities.

A "friendly" marketing tool

Online customers can become the first promoters of the store itself, increasing the reach of new targeted customers, choosing them inside their circle of friends.

Wozzap does not influence in any way the reviews left by users, as it is activated only after that customers have expressed their free and unconditioned opinion.

The extra value of the Stars

Wozzap encourages reviews transparency and give the opportunity to sellers to send a social thank to their customers, at the end of the review process.

Trust matter

Wozzap improves loyalty, allowing online stores to remain in touch with their customers after they have completed purchases and reviews.

Leads Generation

Wozzap is a powerful engine able to generate new selected leads and potential selling opportunities. It extends the reach of the offers towards a new audience not easy to achieve.

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Wozzap service can be used both from Mobile and Desktop users.

Desktop user will be prompted to insert their mobile number and the service will deliver a link through SMS to connect with Wozzap.
For desktop extension of the service is required to purchase SMS credits.


From 90,00 / month

  • SMS
  • Dashboard
  • Basic Support

49.00 / month

  • Credits 1000
  • SMS
  • Dashboard
  • Conversion Pixel
  • Basic Support
  • Online Ticket 24h
  • Button Editor
  • Remote Support
  • Popup Editor
  • Trends Reports
  • Custom Footer

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From 190,00 / month

  • Credits / SMS 1000
  • SMS
  • Dashboard
  • Basic Support

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It's easy! Just send us an email with your store's URL, and we will contact you within 24 hours. Wozzap will be up and running on your site in no time.

Sure. We provide full customized design solutions for your brand.

Inside the Dashboard you will be able to monitor the statistics, the conversion rates, the most shared products and other interesting stats.

You have to insert your mobile number inside a form to immediately recive an SMS. Simply by clicking on the link inside the SMS you'll be redirected to your WhatsApp contact list. From now on you will continue the process with the Standard procedure.

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